They started off with very little in common, but as time progressed it only served to prove that fashion’s influence over the world became just as striking as the influence that sportswear gained over the fashion industry. Feeding on each others strengths, the two forces became almost inseparable over the past years, as the sporty aesthetic helped redefine the notion of urban cool. With that in mind, Dan Hilburn revived the Friday Night Lights mood in a fun and sultry athletic photo shoot, based on movement and attitude.

Model Karissa Spark showcased her sporty side in the shoot that blends the best of two worlds. From baseball to hokey and from football to tennis, the lens of Dan Hilburn captured the tomboy feel, all while fashion director Hugh William Stewart maintained the femininity on top with the right choice of accessories.

The colorful ensembles were perfectly complemented by the subtle hair and make up provided by Frankie Piper. Playing upon the sports authority and focusing on a positively fashionable outcome, Dan Hilburn ( and his Friday Night Lights shoot managed to highlight all the chic accents hidden beneath the tough surface. To witness the entire photo shoot, click on the thumbnails above.”